Exposed worn roof membrane wall flashing serving a BUR with gravel ballast Preform architectural metal roofing panels serving a drive-up bank facility Failed 2-year old FFR-K1 liquid roof membrane coating serving an industrial office building EPDM single-ply roof covering plagued by standing water Numerous repairs to sidelap seams in older/aging single-ply roof covering Older/aging single-ply roof covering under water Failed single-ply roofing peeled back exposing rigid foam board insulation beneath Stripping repairs to failed sidelap seams in older/aging single-ply roof covering Abandoned tar sealed metal vent Abandoned tar sealed rooftop equipment curb Fasteners pushing out from sheet metal counterflashing along roof elevation change Field of built-up roof with gravel ballast Alligatoring of unprotected built-up roof membrane surface Gravel ballast washing down into gutter below Roof expansion joint along roof elevation change Open/improper perimeter metal roof edge flashing application Open/unsealed gas line roof penetration Open/unsealed electrical roof penetration Roof drain head strainer removed/missing Rusty roof expansion joint metal cover Split in roof expansion joint seam Tar sealed abandoned rooftop equipment curb Tar sealed split in built-up roof membrane flashing Tar sealed worn built-up roof membrane flashing

Professional, Objective No Conflict of Interest Roof Inspections

According to concensus in the real estate industry, roofs happen to be the most problematic number one source of concern among those looking to purchase real estate. Hence, it should come as no surprise that roofing issues continue to top the list as a source of litigation in building construction.

Whether we're talking about flat or pitched roofs, asphalt shingle, wood shake, preform metal, built—up, modified bitumen or single—ply roofing systems, aside from obvious defects attributed to normal age, wear and tear, conducting a proper roof inspection requires a good working knowledge of the type of roofing to begin with paying particular attention to application in regard to detail and drainage not to mention a visual inspection of the roof structure from beneath when able. In essense, this is what's needed in order to provide Quality Roof Inspections. Once more, you'll also be getting a professional and unbiased opinion based upon many years of experience without any conflict of interest whatsoever since we're not roofing or building contractors to begin with. (Also see FAQ #16).