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'Go Green' Light Energy Audits

If you presently own or lease a building that relies primarily upon older fluorescent tube, high intensity discharge AKA HID or other energy inefficient lighting, odds are you're paying way too much for electricity and in many cases double the amount you should be paying to your utility company. Moreover, not only does energy inefficient lighting consume more electricity but it can also serve to substantially increase the cost to cool a building during those long hot summer months given the amount of heat generated by your current lighting fixtures that adds to the cooling load inside the building.

The good news is, LED lighting has come a long way in addressing the shortcomings of fluorescent, HID and other energy inefficient lighting responsible for those exorbitant electricity bills generated by your utility company. Once more, the heat released by LEDs is negligible to help reduce your cooling bill during the summer, not to mention you can use/retain your existing T12/T8 light fixtures by simply by-passing the ballasts.

To learn more about the benefits and potential savings that may be realized in updating old energy inefficient lighting with cost saving LEDs, call today to schedule a Light Energy Audit for your building or place of business.