Doing Condo Inspections 'The Right Way'

While many of our competitors continue to pride themselves in being able to perform four or more building condo inspections per day, we can't and don't reason being we also take time to observe common elements such as the building's exterior walls, parking garage, roof, life and fire safety provisions, etc., to help further reduce your risk of purchase. In doing so, inspecting a condo can take as long as a typical home inspection especially when inspecting a condo residing in a 4-story building consisting of 80 units or more along with an underground parking garage.

As it is not altogether uncommon for an Association or management company to be unaware of certain conditions of/affecting common elements that may soon require repair or replacement such as a roof, the additional information we provide you with allows you to verify ahead of time whether or not the Association asessment funds are adequate to cover such costs as opposed to your receiving a substantial increase in your monthly assessment fee once you have moved in.

In short, whether we're inspecting one or forty condo building units, our condo inspections provide you with the same level of due diligence and detail given to our Commercial Building Inspections when it comes to inspecting and evaluating the major systems such as heating, electrical, plumbing and the interior of the condo you're looking to purchase. This along with a cursory inspection of the common elements ensures your getting a quality condo inspection to help you make a well informed purchase decision that affords the least amount of risk.