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About The Company

A reliable and reputable independent commercial/industrial property inspection and consulting firm located in Algonquin, Illinois, Know-Fault Ltd. has been serving and earning the respect of real estate investors, businesses, and lending institutions throughout the greater Chicagoland area since 1985.

Whether you're looking to purchase or lease a commercial or industrial property, we can provide you with a Commercial Property Condition Assessment (AKA PCA) that best suits your needs. Moreover, we also specialize in providing building condition cost assessments (primarily for existing property owners), commercial roofing inspections AKA roofing condition assessments, and 'Go Green' light energy audits for those interested in conserving energy and saving money.

While many in our profession have come and gone, our longevity and continued success hinges upon these four key words, namely Pride, Integrity, Education and a firm Commitment to those we serve. At Know—Fault Ltd., this simply means:

We're Dedicated to Working For You And You Alone!